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Dr. Alex Gometz’s upcoming book, Prehab, unveils a new simple approach to sports injury prevention. The book is an easy-to-read resource with clear illustrations on how to prevent common injuries by each individual sport, including major sports and recreational sports. Dr. Gometz focuses on achieving your maximum athletic results, injury-free . This book will be your secret to achieving your injury prevention goals. Whether you are a cutting-edge professional coach, in school athletics, athletic trainer, healthcare practitioner or a proactive individual who wants to be ahead of the game: This book is for you!



An Emerging Health Trend

Prehab is an emerging health trend proven to keep athletes and active individuals away from preventable injuries and unnecessary surgeries. A single injury can stay with a person for an entire lifetime, even with careful rehabilitation.

Prehab is a proven, common sense technique to thoughtfully prevent injuries before they happen. Preventing injuries decrease healthcare costs, and can improve the quality of life for many Americans.

Prehab is the most effectively way of addressing preventable injury in sports. It links experienced professionals with effective prevention information and educated athletes. Request that your healthcare provider is a certified prehab specialist.

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