Prehab Athlete Spotlight Series – Ce’Aira Brown

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Prehab USA is a specialized team assisting motivated individuals to achieve their performance goals.

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At Prehab, our passion is working with runners and athletes to help them achieve their goals and stay injury-free doing it.  Today, we’re shining our spotlight on a runner who has been exciting and inspiring us as she busts through impressive PR’s and sets her sights on competing in the IAAF World Championships.


Ce’Aira Brown first came to Prehab last month and underwent a full Running Analysis with Dr. Arsen Virobyan.  Through a detailed gait analysis and evaluation of whole-body strength, flexibility, and range of motion, we helped her gain more information about her strengths, weaknesses, and what to do to increase her already powerful athletic performance.  Ce’Aira recently ran her fastest mile in a mind-blowing 4:28:12 in Boston (that’s less than a minute away from the current world record of 3:43:13!).


Ce’Aira slowed down long enough to be featured in the first of our Prehab Athlete Spotlight Series.  We’re excited to see more of her in our clinic and on the tracks!

Annie:  Where are you from, and how did you wind up in New York City?

Ce’Aira:  I’m from Philadelphia, PA! I came to New York to train with Frank Gagliano and the NJNY Track club.

Annie: Did you always want to be an athlete?

Ce’Aira:  Growing up in west Philadelphia, we would always race kids down the street in the neighborhood. I would race my brother’s friends and would always win, and from there I knew I wanted to be an athlete.

Annie:  What’s the next big goal you’re chasing in your sport?

Ce’Aira:  The next big goal I am chasing in my sport is making the world team in July.

Annie:  Who are your inspirations and role models?

Ce’Aira:  My inspirations and role models are my family, my father, Coach Gags and my former coach Krystle Hemby.

Annie:  What are the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome on your journey to peak performance?

Ce’Aira:  My biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome was getting used to Coach Gag’s strength workouts!

Annie:  What does an average week of training look like for you?

Ce’Aira:  I average about 55-60 miles a week + speed on Fridays.

Annie: Where is your favorite place to run?

Ce’Aira:  My favorite place to run is the Aqueduct trail in Tarrytown, NY

Annie:  What are your most important off-the-track habits, and have you added any new ones since working with Prehab?

Ce’Aira:  My most important off-the-track habits are strengthening my hamstrings. Since I’ve been working with Prehab I been working on single leg balance!

Annie:  What is the most helpful tip or insight you’ve learned by working with Prehab?

Ce’Aira:  The most helpful tip I’ve learned while working with Prehab is to work on the consistency of my stride, especially for last 100m of my race!

Annie: How would you describe the Prehab team?

Ce’Aira:  I would describe the Prehab team as driven, motivated, caring and hardworking!

Annie:  What are your favorite pre and post race meals?

Ce’Aira:   My favorite pre and post race meal is pasta! I’m a big pasta lover.

Annie:  What’s your favorite movie?

Ce’Aira:  My Favorite movie is Step Brothers

Annie:  Who is singer or band?

Ce’Aira:  My Favorite singer is Summer Walker

Annie:  What’s your favorite sports team?

Ce’Aira:  My favorite sports team is the Philadelphia EAGLES!

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