5 Ways to Get Through the February Fitness Slump

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February – it’s the month of love and chocolate, but also the month of losing momentum from our January fitness goals. Let’s face it, the newness of a brand new year has worn off, the weather is a roller coaster with more cold days than not, and all we really want to do is curl up and watch Netflix (nothing wrong with that, but too much of a good thing. . .)

Below are some of my go-to ways for keeping the fitness slump at bay and keeping your motivation up!


 The road to your goals is never walked alone. A fitness buddy, a running pal, a workout wife, is exactly what you may need to keep you accountable in these grey months. The thought of waking up for a 5 mile run when it’s cold out never sounds appealing –  BUT when your friend meets you and promises coffee after, it becomes a lot more desirable.


 I wear a Garmin and without fail, it will tell me to move every hour. It will also tell me to move an hour after running a marathon. . .thanks Garmin! What I have recently started to doing is the old “drop and give me 10” game. Every time my Garmin tells me to move, I pick a standing exercise to perform 10 times. For example, ten squats, ten star jumps, ten lunges, ten pushups, etc. By the end of the day, I’ve gotten a full gym workout in.  If you don’t have a Garmin, just set an alarm on your phone!


 Sometimes our lack of motivation comes from dehydration which puts our body into a state of lethargy. So DRINK UP!!


 I know it sounds crazy, but honestly a new fresh workout outfit can boost your confidence, give you a reason to get to the gym and trick the brain into wanting to work out in it! Trust me, new 7/8 leggings can be exactly what you need to hit the elliptical .


 One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is the GO FIND YOUR AWESOME podcast with Coach Heather Jergensen and awesome athlete Jen Sorenson. However, I save these podcasts until my runs and I don’t allow myself to listen to it unless I’m on the run. This helps me lace up and get out the door, knowing I get to catch up with friends and listen to their words of wisdom. So find your favorite podcast and save it for your workout.

There are loads of way to motivate through these winter months and loads of resources to help you get through a fitness slump. Most importantly listen to your body and be kind. Winter, in and of itself, is a time for inner reflection and recovery after the harvest seasons. Don’t worry, Spring will be here and you will emerge a beautiful strong butterfly soon enough.


-Laura Frye-

Prehab Running Ambassador

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