PREHAB for golfers:

Golf is a sport enjoyed by many people, young and old, worldwide. Though it is viewed as a low-impact, low risk sport, many golfers sustain golf-related injuries. Common injuries involve the elbow, wrists, shoulder and low back. To both amateur and professional golfers, low back injury is the most prevalent. This is either the result of poor conditioning and improper golf swing mechanics or excessive practice and repetitive swing motion.

For example,

  • A common structure involved with low back injury is the quadratus lumborum muscle. An injury to this muscle limits the lateral flexion of the trunk, which is a motion essential to the mechanics of a golf swing.
  • Prolonged bending or sudden twisting of the trunk may have caused this injury. For a golfer, these positions are vital to produce a proper swing. This injury can sideline a golfer for some time but it could easily be prevented.

For all golf related injury, we have an easy 5-day prehab program specifically tailored for a golfer. The prehab for golfers consists of a complete evaluation to customize your plan, dynamic exercises instruction, relevant to your needs, and a home exercise program.

Golf Prehab

Our 5-day program focuses on the muscles in use for golf. The motions of a golf swing are simulated in a clinic

For further information and to schedule an assessment, please call 212 717 8331 or any of our prehab certified providers.