Heal Faster with K-Laser Treatment

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Prehab USA is a specialized team assisting motivated individuals to achieve their performance goals.

The 50 most frequently asked questions about Physical Therapy

Back Pain

Learn the quickest ways to end back pain naturally.

Neck Pain

Ease shoulder or neck pain before it causes severe headaches.

Knee Pain

Learn tips to walk further for longer with less knee pain.

Ankle Pain

Learn tips to walk further for longer with less foot and ankle pain.

One of our favorite healing tools at Prehab is the Class IV K-Laser.  Laser treatment is pain-free, side-effect free, and proven to help treat and heal a wide variety of injuries.

High power laser therapy painlessly penetrates into the body to stimulate healthy cell growth in soft tissue, ligaments, cartilage, and even nerves.  Just as standing in sunshine produces a photochemical reaction in the body by converting the light into Vitamin D, the infrared and near infrared light of the K-Laser create a photochemical reaction that increases the speed of tissue repair, increases the production of healthy blood cells, reduces inflammation, and as a result, reduces pain.

Although the laser light is powerful enough that you must wear protective glasses during the treatment (it will damage the retina if viewed with the naked eye), the laser treatment itself is painless.  Some patients report feeling warmth, some feel nothing at all.

Results are usually felt right away, particularly if the injury is acute and you receive multiple laser sessions in the space of a week.  We use the K-Laser to treat everything from chronic pain from a torn labrum in the hip or shoulder, plantar fasciitis, “Runner’s Knee,” back pain of all varieties, and even pain and inflammation from sprained joints and broken bones.

Click here to try out your first laser session, or click here to purchase a package of 6 sessions at a discounted rate.  More questions about laser or what we do at Prehab?  Give us a call at 212-717-8330 or email prevent@prehab.com.

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