Heel Pain

About the Author Alex Gometz: Alex Gometz earned his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy amidst continuous involvement in triathlon training and competition. He knows firsthand, as a fellow runner, what it means to miss a day of training because of pain or injury. Besides his advanced degree in sports injury treatment and prevention he is a certified running gait specialist, certified distance running coach and USATF coach. He has worked with both professional and recreational runners to help them prevent and treat injuries that come with a repetitive but rewarding activity.

In Just 11 Pages I’ll Show You 10 best strategies for running wihtout Heel Pain Yours FREE From Specialist Physical Therapist Alex Gometz.

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From my experience, as an athlete with my own fair share of injuries and from working with several runners that have battled plantar heel pain, I want to share these tips with you to get you started on your way to feeling better. Every one responds differently as I learned over the years so I cannot tell you which of these will work best for you. Sometimes a combination is what does.
I know you are up for a challenge, so here it is: Consistency is the key to success with this condition. Take the time to try out at least one of these strategies. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much better you will feel.

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