Need a Prehab Run Coach?

Prehab run coaches are at the top of their game and are committed to the mission: “Prehab to Run for Life!” You will be in the best hands knowing your coach is supported by the medical experts at Prehab. Check out the coaches below to find your best match!

Coach Seagull Ross
Dover, England

Birthplace : Porto Alegre (RS) – Brasil
Places lived: Chile, Brasil, England ( London and Dover)
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Favourite running spot: Any place where can i run in peace, but lately the hills and cliffs of Dover.
Favourite Race: Spartan Race, British 10k
Dream and Goals for Running: Show people they can do whatever they want, no limits, especially people who don’t believe in themselves. My personal goal: Become an ultrarunner
Best known for: Musical taste, tattoos, piercings, the love for my family and the passion and I put in everything I do
Something secret: I hate rats, mice, and everything similar
Running Sub-Specialties: Taekwondo black belt, Nutrition
Message: I like helping new runners who have never run before. It’s a big personal challenge and I enjoy motivating them beyond their comfort zone, and bringing out their passion!

IG: @runwithseagull

Coach Nick Bester
London, England

Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa
Places lived: Johannesburg, South Africa and London, United Kingdom
Languages spoken: English
Favorite running spot: Richmond Park (London)
Favorite race: London Marathon
Dream/Goal for Running: Sub 2:25 Marathon
Best known for: Athlete and Running Coach
Something most people don’t know about me: Expecting our first child. Have run Comrades Ultra marathon 3 times.
Pets and Names: Billy (cat)
Sub-specialties within running: Online training plans, hosting of track sessions
Message: I love helping runners achieve their personal “best-er”! Excited to be a part of an exciting brand going forward.

IG: @justalilbester

Coach Geena Silvia
Tampa, FL

Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Languages: English
Places Lived: San Antonio, FL
Favorite Running Spot: Clermont Clay 15K, Clermont, FL
Running Goal: To live in Colorado and become an Ultra trail runner
Best Known For: My laugh
Something most people don’t know about me: I was not athletic as a child. Now my entire life revolves around being active. It’s never too late to start!
Pets: I have 3 kitties: Mini (20 years old), Olive (11 years old) & Mr. Whiskers (4 years old)
Running Sub-Specialties: Technology & social media
Message: Being part of a club is key to building consistency, accountability & a network of friends that you can always count on — my community is still very new & purpose built for active families. I’m excited to lead the Prehab Run Club in Tampa to grow and foster current and future runners!

IG: @arunnersmindset

Coach Tucker Grose
Denver, CO

Birthplace: Connecticut
Places lived: Have lived most of my life in New England, moved to Lakewood Colorado in 2020
Languages Spoken: English
Favorite place to run: Trails!
Favorite race: NYC Marathon
Goal in racing: Compete at Ultra Trail Events such as UTMB, Leadville, Comrades and Western States
Most known for: Being an avid New York Rangers fan!
Something people don’t know about me: I am a twin!
Pets: None currently but hope to get a dog soon!
Sub-Specialties: I am a plant based athlete and offer guidance and advice for developing healthy eating habits
Message: I love connecting with the local running community and helping individuals improve their mental and physical health through running!

IG: @trainingwithtucker

Coach Harry Lancaster
Manchester, England

Birthplace: Carlisle, Cumbria
Places lived: Penrith & Lancaster (both NW of
Languages spoken English & I completed one year of
Spanish as a minor at University, although don’t test
me on that!
Favorite Running Spot: Lowther Castle area in the
Lake District close to where I live
Favorite Race: Great North Run (Newcastle) or The
Power of 5K (Lancaster)
Dream/Goal for Running: 16:16 5K
Best Known for: Eating tons of food and training
in an unorthodox manner (especially in the past)
Something most people don’t know about me: I recently graduated from
Lancaster University with a degree in Human
geography & I can answer over 30 short-answer
multiplication questions up to 12×12 in 30 seconds.
Pets and Names: One dog called Rafa (after the tennis player) who is a Hungarian Vizsla
Running Sub-Specialties: Nutrition
Message: I love helping others achieve their goals and believe anything is possible with the right mindset whilst utilizing knowledgeable resources like Prehab!

IG: @runningtoeatmore 

Coach Alex Wolff
Glendive, Montana

Home Park/Track: Makoshika State Park 
Birthplace: Billings, MT
Places lived: Montana!
Languages spoken: English
Favorite running spot: Makoshika State Park or anywhere on the trails!
Favorite race: Missoula Marathon!
Dream/Goal for Running: Sub 3:00 marathon
Something most people don’t know about me: I worked as a tour guide during summers in college and lived and worked in the DC/NYC area all summer guiding 8th grade DC/NYC trips
Pets and Names: 2 pups! Scout and Ollie
Running Sub-Specialties: Nutrition and performance
Running has always been such a huge part of my life. I’ve ran to be the fastest, I’ve ran because it paid for school, but recently it has given me the freedom to focus on how I feel (both mentally and physically), and how I treat my body and  myself in order to feel and be at my best. My hope is to not only share my love of running within my community, but to provide a group that can support one another and give each individual the ability to utilize running, health, and wellness in order to keep doing or be able to do all the things they want in life. Whether that is running a 10k, a marathon, chasing their kids or grandkids around, or just being able to show up as their best selves for both themselves and their loved ones in their life.
IG: @runningwiththewolffs

Coach Kai Ng
New York, NY

Home Park/Track: Prospect/Central Park, Red Hook/East River Track

Birthplace: Born in Hong Kong and raised in New York City

Places lived: Hong Kong and New York City

Languages spoken: English and Cantonese

Favorite Running Spot: the waterfront path between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Favorite Race: TCS NYC Marathon. The course and the people – there is just no race like it

Dream/Goal for running: To help every single person in the world start running, keep running, and running their best – injury free

Best known for: FaceTiming you more often than your friends and family

Something most people don’t know about me: In my journey to qualifying for the Boston Marathon, I missed my marathon goal twice. One included me flying across the country for a race and getting lost with the pacers in the first two miles.

Pets and Names: None yet, but my wife and I are looking to adopt a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy and naming him/her Kilo.

Running Sub-Specialties: Beginners to Intermediate Runners, Running Form, Strength Training for Runners, Personalized Training Programs, and Workout Data Analysis

Message: I am on a life mission to help everyday people start running properly and runners running their best – pain free. Let’s do this!

IG: @runcoachkai
Personal Website Link:

Marieke Chatelain
Zurich, Switzerland

Home Park/Track: Zurich Lake and in the forest behind our house

Birthplace: A small village in Brittany, France

Places lived: Brittany, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich

Languages spoken: French, English, Dutch, German, some Spanish & Portuguese

Favorite Running Spot: Along the beautiful Zurich Lake, and in the mountains

Favorite Race: the Jungfrau Marathon

Dream/Goal for running: To Run the New York City Marathon, and as a coach, to spread the passion of running all around, and help my runners run better, more efficiently and injury free.

Best known for: My postive energy, motivativational posts and for being authentic.

Something most people don’t know about me: I am French with a Dutch name and ultimately I also became Dutch after living in The Netherlands for more than 15 years.

Pets and Names: Kalisha, a Labrador retriever

Running Sub-Specialties: Teaching French conversation course while running

Message: There are many passionate runners out there. They run as many kilometers as possible until they eventually get injured. I am excited to offer better run coaching that will help my runners prevent injuries based on the Prehab gait analysis with tailored recommendations. Let’s Rundez-Vous!

IG: @run_lady_gazelle / @rundez_vous
Personal Website Link:

Amanda Eardley
St. George, Utah

Home Track: Dixie State University

Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah

Places Lived: Utah

Languages: English

Favorite Running Spot: The side of a beautiful mountain right as the sun is coming up.

Favorite Race: Mt. Charleston Marathon in Las Vegas, in 2016. It is my PR time of 3:23

Dream/goal for running: I will be running until I die. Last year I trained an 80 year old client who was running 9 minute miles. I hope I can be like him. <3

Best known for: My ability to connect with people and relate to them on most levels.

Something most people don’t know about me:  My first race was a full marathon. I ran it when my 4th baby boy was 9 months old. I trained so hard. My parents and husband (who have always been my greatest support) used to leapfrog me on my runs to provide my water and bring my baby if he needed to nurse. I qualified for the Boston Marathon in that race with a time of 3:39:43. I had 17 seconds to spare.  I trained hard and ran the Boston Marathon in 2010.

Pets and Names: I have a dog named Lucy. She is a sweet little Shih Tzu. Her only flaw is that she barks at everyone for any reason.

Running Sub-Specialties:  Personal Training

Message: I love to share my passion for running with people around me. Running is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. Running pain free forever becomes a passion that can teach discipline, hard work and personal success.

IG: @running_otfcoach

Nadia Ruiz
Santa Fe Springs, CA (near Los Angeles)

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

 Places lived: Los Angeles, UCLA, Playa Del Rey, Redondo Beach

 Languages spoken: English, Spanish

 Favorite running spot: Mt. Baldy

Favorite race: Inca Trail Marathon, Peru

Dream/Goal for Running: Complete TransApline and run in the Himilayas

Best known for: Running 145 marathons with half as Boston Qualifiers and competitively running almost 500 races all around the world

Something most people don’t know about me:  My first sport was competing in boxing for three years

Pets: 12 year-old Labrador Max, 10 year-old boxer Bruno, 10 month-old Labrador puppy Buster

Subspecialties: sports nutrition, ultramarathon, obstacle course racing, Ironman and triathlon training

Message:  I love to help runners of all levels find a safe and welcoming space to grow, learn, and remain motivated as a runner.

IG: @irongirlnadia