Welcome to the signature Prehab Run Warmup that was developed by Dr. Alex Gometz specifically to prevent common injuries in runners. Follow this warmup before every run and experience a smarter run.

It is a dynamic progression of a movement geared toward enhancing muscular blood flow, increase core temperature, and stimulate proprioceptive mechanisms in the body. The activity will put all joints through a full range of motion for improved lubrication, increase your heart rate needed to improve blood flow to all muscles, improve the rate of respiration to enhance oxygenation to all systems.

Particularly in preparation for running along with general systems, getting your metatarsal joints through their full range of motion, and getting all intrinsic muscles active in all possible weight-bearing areas to facilitate blood flow and acclimatize your feet to the expected activity about to happen.

These are key components necessary for rapid and efficient preparation for power and agility demanding practice or competition.