Prehab Network works with physical therapists, clinics, and their patients to provide transparent and reliable data on patient satisfaction, current trends in physical therapy, and information on evidence-based treatments.

Through providing the service of data collection and presentation, The Prehab Network allows therapists to develop their clinics through advertising and strategizing.

With a network of therapists and clinics across the United States, and substantial real time data collection The Prehab Network provides accurate and informative information to patients looking for the best therapists – and to therapists looking to improve their clinics. Joining patient satisfaction with evidence-based treatment strategies, the Prehab Network combines the most advanced knowledge of the day with up to the minute trend tracking solutions

Please read our latest studies below:

A Comparison of Two Methods of Cervical Traction for Patients with Cervical Radiculopathy: A Single Subject Design

Pre-habilitation and Rehabilitation for Attenuating Hindlimb Unweighting Effects on Skeletal Muscle and Gait in Adult and Old Rats

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