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Prehab USA is a specialized team assisting motivated individuals to achieve their performance goals.

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Learn tips to walk further for longer with less foot and ankle pain.

Runners and athletes – has this ever happened to you?

You find yourself in a doctor’s office after dealing with an injury or suspected injury, only to leave having been told that the solution to your problem is to stop running. Maybe for a short amount of time, but often the prescription is to stop running forever. Running is accused of being “bad for the knees” (which studies have proven is untrue), too high-impact for most people, and worse.

I know in my own experience with injury, I’ve been told by a multitude of doctors, usually in a very offhand manner, that maybe I should just give up running.  Most of the time, the doctors giving this advice are not and have not been runners, and have no idea the emotional impact of those words.

To so many runners, it’s more than just a workout or a hobby – it’s our identity, our anti-depressant, sometimes even a crucial part of our identity.  And while there certainly are some times where time off is medically necessary for a number of reasons, at Prehab, we make it our mission to help you return to the activity you love – whether it’s running, golf, or being able to keep up with the kids in your life.

When I started working at Prehab, I hadn’t run in eight months due to a torn labrum in my hip.  The prognoses I got from the doctors I saw varied wildly, leaving me feeling hopeless, confused, and like I might never run without pain again.

Within just three months under the care of the Prehab team, I not only went on my first pain-free run in nearly a year, but started finally regaining pain-free range of motion in my hip.

The attitude of the specialists at Prehab was just as if not more important than the treatment they gave me.  No one here ever doubted that I’d run again, or that I’d accomplish my ultimate goal of finishing the 2019 NYC Marathon – which I did, an experience of a lifetime that I can’t even put in to words.

Often the problem isn’t running itself – it’s various imbalances, weaknesses, or issues with running form that can lead to those injuries.  A Prehab Running Analysis can give you all the information about your body and running gait you could ever need to keep yourself strong for the long run.

If you’ve ever been told to stop running, come and see us!  We also provide comprehensive Injury Prevention Assessments, Athletic Training, K-Laser Treatment, Sports Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Acupuncture, Pilates and more.  Our mission is to provide individualized care to keep you doing what you love for the rest of your life.


Annie LeVasseur

Prehab Office Manager

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