Strengthen Your Transverse Abdominis for Power at Prehab!

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Prehab USA is a specialized team assisting motivated individuals to achieve their performance goals.

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Have you ever heard of your transverse abdominis?  If you haven’t taken an anatomy class lately, chances are you haven’t.  At the gym or in a fitness class, we hear a lot about our abs and are told of the importance of strengthening our core, but it doesn’t usually get much more specific.

Prehab’s Pilates classes – both on the reformer and on the mat – are incredible full body strength training workouts, but the focus always comes back to the transverse abdominis.  This is the deepest layer of our core muscles, underneath the rectus abdominis (what you see when admiring someone’s 6 pack) and obliques.

The transverse wraps around our waistline like a corset and helps to stabilize and protect the lower back.  These are also the core muscles to fire up when the race gets tough to help you maintain an upright and solid form, and provides the inner basis for strength underneath that coveted 6-pack.

The transverse needs more than your typical crunches and sit-ups to get stronger.  That’s why we’re partnering with USATF and our resident mat Pilates and Run Ambassador Laura Frye for a FREE workshop tonight, Tuesday, March 3rd to offer training for runners, coaches, and anyone looking to get stronger.  Come join us, or schedule a Pilates Reformer or Mat Pilates private today!

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