Injury Prevention for Teams and Schools

Teams and Schools Injury Prevention Program!

Prehab for competitive sports is a trademarked injury prevention system that is sport specific and athlete specific, it focuses on preventing all athletic injuries practiced at your facility.

The program will provide coaches/trainers with tools to improve awareness of over and under training pitfalls. One of the biggest achievements of the program is recognizing the adaptations necessary to minimize likely preventable injury in your athletes.

The Prehab Method provides a system of injury trackingtraining, analysis and accountability.

The Prehab method considers predisposing factors by analyzing:
-Athlete’s level of education
-Athlete training level
-Orthopedic dysfunction and
-Mechanisms of injury

The Prehab program is quantifiable offering result analysis that will allow you to compare previous and future results.

Keep your athletes on the fields. Maintain the competitive edge, and improve performance.

Greatly reduce the injury rate at your club with Prehab.

Clubs and their Athletes will benefit from the most complete research oriented injury prevention technique. This trademarked PREHAB method will add confidence to a complete training plan. Call us today at (212) 717-8331 and ask for a Prehab specialist.

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