Thai Yoga Massage at Prehab!

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Prehab USA is a specialized team assisting motivated individuals to achieve their performance goals.

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Neck Pain

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Raise your hand if you could use a massage.

Raise your hand if you could really use a good full body stretch…but you wish you didn’t have to do it yourself.

Raise it higher if you’ve ever heard of Thai Yoga Massage!

I remember very clearly many years ago, searching for places where I might get my yoga teacher training certification, stumbling across an advertisement for it.  My curiosity piqued, I immediately thought, “I love all three of those words!” and signed myself up to learn more.

Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) is an amazing way to experience the openness of yoga and the total surrender and relaxation of a massage.  The recipient (you) allows the practitioner (me) to guide their body into a yogic sequence of gentle stretching and massage.  With almost no physical effort on your part you are guided into a yogic state of relaxation and bliss (my husband calls it “bliss on tap!”).

The best way to fully understand and appreciate what TYM really is, I think, is to experience it.  It’s not a traditional massage – you’re not on a table, you’re fully clothed, and most importantly…you don’t stay in one position the whole time.  You start in a seated position and the practitioner moves your body for you.  Some poses are relatively still and simple and others are more dynamic.  However, no matter how pretzel-like a pose may appear, you are not required to practice yoga or to even be athletic or flexible to receive a massage.  Your body will never be forced to to move past its natural range of motion or flexibility.

Now is the perfect time to book – for the month of February, we’re spreading the love with our Buy One, Get One Massage Special – which applies to not only TYM but also sports massage and lymphatic drainage massage.

Still have questions?  Shoot us an email, call us up, or better yet – come by and chat with me about it!  Who knows, I may even have the chance to offer you a free sample…

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