What is The Prehab Network?

The prehab network is a membership organization that supports physical therapists and their practices that engage in evidence-based treatments.  It assists the members in understanding constant changes in the industry to facilitate an effective advertising strategy that is consistent with pertinent patient satisfaction surveys, and past treatment results.

Learn how to make treatment results find you new patients.

Your track record should be your referral source. If your patients want value, we help you show it.

Here is how it works



  • You will know for fact about the averages on treatment time and number of visits expected to treat specific conditions in your facility.
  • You will be able to compare those averages against nationwide averages to see where you are and should know for certain if you are at the cutting edge.
  • We make it easy for you to market your successful treatment methods.
  •  We will collect results about all treatments and give you a report of standard/average expected time for treatment not available in the US.
  • Nationwide advertising campaign to encourage future 500 companies to prefer companies that belong to the Prehab network for its model of transparency in results.
  • Share effective and lucrative practice strategies with members and save in one-time deal courses or cult like, money draining schemes.


  • We utilize tools that will track the latest trends in physical therapy from clinics around the country and your own patient’s satisfaction compared to country wide patient satisfaction.
  • Your clinic results will be posted on prehab.com and your website as a market strategy.
  • Analyze the results of both prehab and rehab treatments at your practice and make it a record of success that will help you market your own evidence.
  • The network advocates for the popularization of Prehab as a method. Take your data and use it to influence referral sources and insurance companies.
  • Track latest trends and evidence based techniques in PT
  • Member discussion blog to share techniques and education about best practices and continuing education.


  • Do you know what your patients saying about you?
  • About your clinic?
  • Do you want to know?
  • In the age of evidence-based treatments, do you know the results of your own treatments?
  • Do you know how long it takes you, in average, to treat any condition in comparison to the national average?
  • Do you know the latest trends in treatment techniques?
  • Do you want to participate in an exclusive network that rates your success and make it a marketing strategy?
  • Can you use a new and effective referral strategy?

Analysis Samples

Evidence-based 24%
Personalized Attention 23%
Timely Appointments 32%
Friendly Staff 5%
Equipment 16%

Anonymous patient satisfaction surveys deployed to your patients will be available for your review. You will be able to make policy changes based on unbiased client opinion. Link them to your site, print them, use them in your other marketing tools.

What did your patients care the most about when they visited your clinic?