Tips to Conquer a Long Run

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Prehab USA is a specialized team assisting motivated individuals to achieve their performance goals.

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So many of our running community at Prehab (including yours truly!) are training for the the 2019 New York City Marathon – the biggest race in the city and one of the biggest races in the world.  With just 67 (!) days until the race – not to mention beautiful fall weather on the horizon – the Central Park is getting crowded with New Yorkers getting in their long runs.

Whether your definition of a long run is 2 miles or 20 miles, most runners can agree that your mindset has to be right in order to get through.  One of the best tactics is using mantra – a word or phrase you repeat to yourself to influence your concentration and motivation.  Mantras like “Healthy and strong,” “You’ve got this,” or “Fast feet” can make a world of difference if you’re hitting a wall or struggling to find motivation.

Research also shows that talking to yourself in the second person is more powerful than in the first.  For example, “You’ve got this” as opposed to “I’ve got this” is more likely to have a greater impact on your motivation, and even the way you talk to yourself generally on the run (or in life).  We are often so much more likely to show compassion to others than to ourselves.

Of course, in addition to all that positive mental game, you’ve got to make sure if you’re pushing your physical limits that you’re doing it safely!  Prehab’s Running Analysis is the perfect way to clean up your stride and prevent injury, and our August Special is still going on!  Click here to purchase your running analysis, and if you purchase by this Saturday, August 31st, we will throw in two FREE follow-up sessions.

Happy Labor Day, and Happy Running!

Annie LeVasseur

Prehab Office Manager

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