Women, How Are Your Hips Feeling?

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In our practice, we do see trends in injuries or “trouble areas” in our patients. One trend we notice is hip tightness in physically active females, especially runners. Hip tightness is more than just uncomfortable—it can sometimes alter your stride. In fact, a lot of runners have slight imbalances in their gait, stemming from the hips. We see females with one hip slightly higher than the other, or tightness that causes more strain on one side of the body than the other. What may seem like a minor imbal

ance right now can escalate to injury over time, and it’s very important for active females to be aware of any hip imbalances they have. We see these conditions not only in runners, but also in women who take high intensity interval classes or have other regular exercise routines. There are a plethora of awesome classes out there that provide full body workouts and these classes can be super good for you. However, if you are unaware of your own personal imbalances, especially in your stabilizing joints like the hips, you may easily injure yourself, trying out new, high intensity moves. At Prehab, we help women (and men!) identify their imbalances through Photoelectric Gait Analysis, which takes incredibly accurate data to pinpoint the part of the body these imbalances originate from. After that, we take it one step further, designing a training program to teach you to strengthen the muscles that will support you. For example, women working on hip tightness may need to strengthen their glutes and core for extra support. We also teach people how to stretch properly, as over-stretching can be an issue in the hips for some people as well.

The bottom line is that hip imbalances and tightness can lead to major injuries. It’s important, especially for active individuals to be aware of their bodies and to learn how to strengthen for injury prevention. There are many fun and interesting ways to be active and we don’t want you to miss out!

For more information on female hip pain, check out this fantastic article by Amanda McCracken from Runner’s World Magazine Online: Here 

By: Caitlin Goldie, Holistic Health Coach

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