Yoga Flow – in a Cast

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There are few things that can get an athlete down more than injury.  It can be depressing and demoralizing not to be able to run, jump, and move in the way you’re accustomed, and recovery can sometimes feel endless.

I should know – I’ve had more than my share!  Almost three years ago, I tore the plantar fascia in my left foot, dashing my hopes for qualifying for the following year’s NYC Marathon and totally upending my workout routines.  When I searched online for “one-legged” yoga, I was disappointed to find most of it was entirely stationary and focused on meditative healing – when I wanted to move my body and work out!

If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation, please check out this video for a 40-minute yoga flow designed for folks who may be in a hard cast or Airboot, or need to be non weight-bearing on one foot.  Always double check with your care provider before jumping into a workout routine during injury.



If you’re dealing with any type injury and looking for a way to stay active, call the Prehab team at 212-717-8330 to schedule an evaluation and we’ll get you safely sweating again in no time.



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