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Do You Want To Run Faster, Longer, And Without Injury Like The Pros?

GaitScrip™, our state-of-the art running and gait analysis, uses photoelectric sensors and comprehensive orthopaedic examination to enhance sports performance, reduce injury, and more.


What is Prehab GaitScrip™?

Prehab GaitScrip™ (Running Lab) is a tailored and refined running evaluation that has evolved over the past 10 years into a very specific method based on metrics hardware, software, and practical methods to evaluate, diagnose and correct runner’s performance at the same time reducing runners related injury. Prehab GaitScrip ™ is the preferred and USATF endorsed. It is perfect for the avid runner of all ages and abilities.

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Our state- of -the art running and gait analysis uses photoelectric sensors and comprehensive orthopedic examination to enhance sports performance, reduce injury, and more.

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Why choose Prehab Signature GaitScrip™

Giving you access to evolving technology, teaching you new tricks, and helping you achieve the unthinkable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prehab specializes in optimizing performance. Whether you have an injury or not, our goal is to get you feeling strong and motivated to perform at your best.

At Prehab you can expect one-on-one time with a specialized Doctor of Physical Therapy and licensed athletic trainers who will guide you through a personalized plan of care specific to your needs.

This comprehensive service includes assessing your gait, uncovering any compensations in your form, and a full head to toe orthopaedic exam. At the end of the assessment, you are given a starter pack full of tools to help you jump start your plan of care. 

Our Team






At PREHAB, our team of healthcare professionals specialize in prehabilitation, helping patients prepare for upcoming medical interventions. Using evidence-based techniques and cutting-edge technology, we work together to create personalized prehab plans for each patient. Our goal is to optimize their physical and mental health, improve outcomes, and reduce the risk of complications. Come experience our exceptional care and support at PREHAB CARE.

What Others Are Saying About Prehab

I’ve been working on injury prevention, strength training, and improving my gait in ways to improve my running. I was super excited to get my best marathon time!


Following meniscus surgery and two different rehab facilities, I was still struggling to get back to running without knee pain. After an initial Gait Analysis, which helped me visualize my running technique, a plan was developed to address my weaknesses and build up my overall strength and balance.


Prehab has been a great resource for me to jump start my healing process from an old and consistent running injury from last summer. Raechel and the rest of Alex’s team have helped me strengthen the area and get back to running, with a tool kit of exercises & recovery techniques I do at home.


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