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Prehab is a specialized team assisting motivated individuals to achieve their performance goals.

Begin with a GaitScrip – includes the ‘USATF-Endorsed Best Gait Analysis on the Market’, orthopedic assessment, recovery guidance, and personalized drills to address your limitations while preventing injury.

Assisting Motivated Individuals to Correcting and Fueling Your Passion

Running is not only a stand-alone sport that anyone can learn to do correctly and safely, it is also an activity required in many, many other sports and activities. Our signature Prehab GaitScrip™ has helped football players, soccer players and many other athletes. As a triathlete, myself, I love it! And I’m so proud that USATF has endorsed Prehab GaitScrip™ as the best gait analysis on the market. 

Dr. Alex Gometz, Founder of Prehab

Dr. Alex Gometz, Founder of Prehab

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Prehab’s specialized team of Doctors of Physical Therapy, Personal Trainers, and Coaches are experts at assisting and helping motivated individuals achieve more.

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Alex Gometz

Over the last ten years, thousands of people (or hundreds on a weekly basis) have consulted Dr. Alex Gometz looking for answers to questions about a quick end to running-related injuries and limitations to their athletic performance. Alex is now a trusted health advisor and lecturer at local universities, hospitals, and businesses. He is a mentor to other clinicians and an active researcher of injury prevention with publications in “Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery” and “The Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine.”

On a daily basis, Dr. Gometz works mostly with highly motivated people who care about their health and want to do something about it. At Prehab, people with back, joint pains, and sports injuries, successfully meet their expectations due to excellence in care, the latest in rehabilitation technology, a research guided approach and an exceptional team.

His patients vary from teachers to stay-at-home moms, law enforcers, firefighters runners at all levels and stage performers. He specializes in treating patients whose current conditions are limiting. He helps patients find solutions to the cause of their pain, dysfunction, their lack of strength, and he helps them restore their enjoyable, flexible and active bodies.  Dr. Gometz also specializes in Concussion Management and runs Concussion Management of NY.  He is an avid triathlete and father of 4.

Megan Young

Megan is committed to helping her patients get back to participating in the activities that they love. She is perfect for any individual who is serious about achieving their goals and want to get to higher performance levels.

Megan received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University. While receiving her Bachelor’s in Biology from Boston College, she competed on the NCAA D1 cross country and track teams. She has clinical experience in treating a wide variety of athletic injuries, as well as an interest in pursuing advanced training in pelvic floor dysfunction, manual therapy, and running gait analysis.

Megan is originally from NY and recently moved back. Growing up just north of the city, she spent 10 years competitively Irish step dancing before falling in love with running. When she’s not at work, she’s usually spending time on the trails or at the beach with her dog, Goose!

Zach Dange

Zach is dedicated to helping people move better. He loves assisting them in becoming more capable humans. Whether your goal is to maximize performance or to just live a healthier life, he believes that sound, pain free movement is the foundation. This philosophy is something he has developed both from working with his patients and dealing with his own injuries throughout life. As a distance runner earlier in life and an avid CrossFitter now, he has had a fair share of aches and pains that have been resolved by working on moving well. Though the reference point is always the quality of movement, his approach is using any method that works to achieve the desired outcome. Zach is continually working to expand that toolbox of techniques to help patients heal and improve, and learning how to make those techniques applicable to a variety of populations. He has worked with youth athletes, high school athletes, collegiate athletes, theater performers, construction workers, and patients of all ages and activity levels. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and Kinesiology from Miami University and a Master’s in Kinesiology with a specialization in Athletic Training from Indiana University, along with numerous specializations and certifications. Zach is excited to to join the Prehab team and looks forward to growing together. 

Raechel Tomaselli

Raechel is passionate about helping people who want to stay active, and enjoy life outdoors. With a background in Athletic Training, one of her specialties is helping clients make the proper corrections to posture and form while performing prescribed exercises to maximize benefit and effect. Raechel is a NYS licensed Athletic Trainer who earned her degree at Keene State College. Her clinical experience includes patient care during their rehabilitation process as well as on-field coverage for a variety of sports. She also participates in sports injury research and continues to research better standards for testing, diagnosing, and effective treatments.

As an avid runner herself, she enjoys helping all active individuals prevent injury, maintain healthy habits, and reach their personal goals. Raechel also has a growing interest in Pilates and Yoga as part of patients’ improvement to their condition, including concussion management.

Bree Nishibun PT, DPT

Bree is a Physical Therapist out of San Diego with a diverse athletic background that allows for effective, affirmative, and compassionate treatment of her patients. With her greatest passion being education, she aims to teach her patients how take charge of their physical health to manage current pathology and prevent future injury. 

Bree wants to know what is most important to you; whether it’s running a marathon or being able to pick up your children without pain this information will guide your treatment. Athletically, Bree played collegiate level soccer in both Illinois and Pennsylvania. After retiring her soccer cleats, she has had a passion for fitness directing her abilities towards body building and CrossFit. 

When the pandemic began in 2020 there was a rise in running injuries, to better understand the sport of running and training cycles Bree trained for and ran the 2021 Chicago Marathon. Since moving to San Diego in 2022 she has started to transition into triathlon training. She attended Northwestern Universities Fienberg School of Medicine in the heart of Chicago where she earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2020. A combination of top tier formal education and diverse life experiences make Bree and excellent choice for your next trusted provider. 

Bree is passionate about providing excellent care to every body. Regardless of race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation everyone has a seat at her treatment table. It is important that her clinic is both a great place to improve physical health and a safe space for all to come.

Natalie Argueta

Natalie is the clinic manager at our Prehab San Diego. She has a passion for performance in running sports that originates in teaching soccer. Now shares her knowledge and expertise with our clients at Prehab and assists the clinic improving relationships and collaboration with other athletic organizations in San Diego. It’s very easy getting to know Natalie as she brings awesome communication and organization skills that makes our clients feel integrated and part of the team on the first day.

She holds a Kinesiology degree with an emphasis in exercise science. Natalie played division 2 soccer at Cal State Monterey Bay and holds a US soccer coaching license. In her spare time you can find Natalie teaching soccer and fitness training for youth and athletes of all ages while pursuing a certification in personal training.

Marielle L'Heureux

Marielle is passionate about helping people recover from sports injuries and assisting athletes achieving their fitness goals. As a former  gymnast, dancer, and cross country runner she understands the demands in achieving excellence and as a healthcare provider the importance on detail and skills needed to match the requirements to achieve higher athletic goals or prevent unforeseen injury.

Marielle is a Certified Athletic Trainer and has her Bachelors in Athletic Training from San Diego State University and her Masters in Sports Management from Point Loma Nazarene University. She has clinical experience working with athletes of all backgrounds but specializes in runners and gymnasts and is certified as an FMT Basic, Advanced and Movement Specialist. 

When Marielle is not helping others achieve their goals she is actively working towards achieving her own. Currently she is taking steps  towards her Sports Nutrition Certification to provide an all encompassing approach to wellness with her clients. 

You can also find Marielle surfing, working out, relaxing at the beach and competing in pageants. She is an Alzheimer’s Advocate and mom to her bunny, Annabelle.