Find Long Term Relief From Frequent & Painful Shin Splints - Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

Are you experiencing tenderness, soreness or pain in your lower leg along the shin bone? Does the pain worsen with activity such as walking or even running?

If you are experiencing such pain, it could quite possibly be a Shin Splint, also known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, that is causing the discomfort.

Tenderness, soreness, or pain shooting up the leg during exercise are all common symptoms of shin splints. The cause stems from repetitive stress on the lower leg and connective tissues that attach the muscles to the bone.

Runners who suddenly increase their duration, frequency, or intensity of runs are more susceptible to shin splints, as well as running on uneven surfaces or hard surfaces such as concrete.

Many of our patients who come to see us for Frequent Shin Splints are often runners who noticed an increase in pain while running and are looking for treatment options to heal their Shin Splint problem naturally so they can get back to running, and prevent Shin Splint problems in the future.

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How Can Choosing to Speak With A Specialist Physical Therapist Help You Find Long-Term Relief From Frequent & Painful Shin Splints - Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome?

There are 4 ways where speaking with a specials Physical Therapist WILL help you fix your problem:

First, you need to make a decision about getting proper help. Too many procrastinate in getting the RIGHT type of help to help with their pain and discomfort. They often think that their pain will just go away with time, but then 6 month down the line, they are still in pain, and nothing has gotten better, it may have even gotten worse.

Next, you must get to the bottom of the problem. By talking to one of our expert Physical Therapist, they can help you find out the root cause of your pain. If you don’t know where the pain is coming from, what causes they pain, you may end up doing exercises that only help for a short time, but the root cause of the problem is still there.

Once we have figured out the root cause of the problem, the next step is to do the RIGHT type of exercises. We will help you ease the pain by focusing on a series of exercises that are tailored specifically to your problem. These exercises are geared towards easing the pain, and allowing you to quickly move more freely again, getting back to doing the things you love. We also make sure that the problems don’t come back anytime soon, or even aggravate your pain even more.

You need to get some expert advise from a specialist Physical Therapist. Don’t let the required social distancing keep you from getting the help you need to stay healthy, active and mobile. If you are having pain that is affecting your job, your life, your ability to be active, and if it threatens your independence, or gets in the way of spending quality time with family and friends, then we can help you get back to living the life you want and deserve as quickly as possible.

This is how we can help you:


The first step in your recovery start with a complimentary discovery session with an expert physical therapies. During this initial session you not only get to meet your physical therapist, but you also get to ask any questions you have, and you will receive a recommendation about what your next, best step is to a speedy recovery.


Our physical therapist will design a individualized plan to help you solve the root cause of your pain and discomfort. This individualized plan is they key to your recovery, because it takes in consideration any other challenges, or health problems you might have.


Our patients tend to see results rather quickly so they can get back to their life, where they are no longer limited due to their pain and discomfort. They are able to return to all the activities they couldn’t do before.

Would you like to be sure that we are a good fit first? Do you want to be 100% sure that we CAN help you get better before any commitments are made? Then then request an appointment to come in and speak with one of our Therapists. Click the button below and request an appointment and we will be in touch very soon to help you get scheduled.

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