Physical Therapists

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Why would you choose a career in physical therapy?

I’d guess there’s lots of reasons. Here at Prehab, we fully understand exactly why you opted for this profession.

Do you want to deliver hands care and change people’s live for the better? Perhaps it’s about getting people back to playing with their grandchildren, or  out on the golf course every weekend?

We keep patients at the heart of everything we do, delivering an outstanding service to every individual that comes through our door, with one outcome: to get them back to doing what they love most.

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Position: Private Physical Therapist

That’s where you come in as a physical therapist.

And we want you to become a part of our team in helping deliver that in New York, Charlotte, San Diego and Denver.

Perhaps in your current role you are tired of  not being able to give the personal, dedicated treatment you want – or indeed what the patient actually needs? It may feel more like a clinical conveyor belt of people coming through the door and straight out again. Here we build friendships and long-term connections with people that las a life time rather than 10 minutes.