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Giving you access to evolving technology, teaching you new tricks, and helping you achieve the unthinkable

Benefit From Real-Time Data

Instant feedback to elevate key performance metrics

Dynamic Ability

Improve Dynamic Ability

Leverage your combination of power, agility and strength to become a well-rounded athlete

Injury prevention

Prevent Injury

Identify healthy physical and mental behaviors that promote improved athletic ability.


Automate Movement

Re-educate your brain to correct and optimize movement

Prehab is Unlike Any Conventional Program

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Your therapist will address potential injuries that may occur in any aspect of life, from sports training, to recreation and daily living activities.

Prehab Cares

Gait Analysis Scholarship Program

Six-week comprehensive GaitScrip program for high school and college athletes.

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Knee Booklet

Knee Pain

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Ankle booklet

Ankle Pain

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Heel Pain

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