So, I decided To Create the Simplest Possible Way For People Interested In Living Without Pain To Come And See For Themselves How Physical Therapy Can Help Them Achieve That… Free Of Any Cost

 Of all the great successes that we have had here at my Specialist Prehab Clinic, I’d say that the introduction of the “Free Taster Session” has been the one that has been able to help the most people—at a physical AND psychological level.               

Many people are hesitant to get started with a wellness plan. The common obstacles like being nervous, skeptical, unsure, worried, or even frightened are totally understandable if you’ve had previous experiences with doctors or physical therapists that have not matched your needs. We understand. Your health should be number one in your life!

In offering our FREE TASTER SESSION like this, we have stripped back the curtains, taken away any mystery about what to expect, and removed any obstacles, simply by letting people come and see for themselves how Prehab REALLY works. 

We give you a chance to learn and understand what we can do to help—and this first meeting has no financial commitment attached. We want it to be as easy as possible to take this first step in taking care of yourself. 

If you like, think of it as “dipping your toes into the water” to see if it’s warm enough before submerging your whole body into it. 

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