1-on-1 Services

Personalized to boost performance and prevent injury.


We use the latest scientific advances to customize the best plan to meet your goals.

Prehab Signature GaitScrip™

Get Faster, Run Longer, Prevent Injury

Instant feedback using scientific and objective data. Our state- of -the-art running and gait analysis system uses photoelectric sensors and a comprehensive orthopedic examination to enhance sports performance, reduce injury, and more.

Based on your personal running analysis, our Prehab specialists can determine what it takes to optimize your performance.

Athletic Assessment

Evaluate Performance, Correct Inefficiencies

Learn about your present athletic condition and readiness for sport.Receive your own personal athletic strategy from a Prehab specialist who can identify injury risk while facilitating performance enhancement.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Get a medical diagnosis

Get evaluated by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy to help you identify and assess any current or previous injuries.Our Physical Therapists will guide you through an individualized plan of care & treatment program.


Get Ahead of the Game

The earlier you start your prehab program- the better chance you have to perform your best for longer in life.

Prehab helps put you in charge of your body. We educate you and give you the tools and resources you can use for your entire life.