Pre-surgery Conditioning for Faster Recovery

Less Pain

Prehab is also useful in the cases when surgery is necessary. A pre-surgery Prehab program will reduce painful rehabilitation time and improve the overall outcomes by conditioning the individual to the optimal level before surgery. Avoiding weakness and atrophy, typical of long periods of immobility while waiting for the surgery, the patient may improve the chances of faster recovery post surgery. See studies on Research.

Less Rehab

The amount of pain you may feel after surgery and that amount of time that it takes to get back to felling 100% is determined by a variety of factors, not the least of which is physical conditioning. Prehab works to optimize the muscles around the surgical site so that they are healthy responding better to recovery.

Better Results

It is a proven fact that patients, who undergo surgery in good physical condition, greatly improve their chances for a successful operation. The Prehab program prepares your body, and more specifically, your area of injury, for the surgical procedure. We specifically focus on correcting muscle imbalances around the affected area. Healthier and stronger structures heal faster than weaker ones.