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Prehab Classes for Runners

At Prehab our semi-private and private classes have been designed specifically by medical professionals around the needs of runners. The Prehab approach is geared towards injury prevention and performance optimization to enjoy activity consistently at all levels.

Not all runners are fit.

To ensure you are fit to run, many runners need to increase muscle fiber size and bone strength, as well as flexibility, cardiovascular and respiratory fitness. Strong runners are much less likely to sustain injury and improve performance over time.

Prehab classes give you individualized attention in a semi-private setting to help you learn, make corrections and challenge yourself at a safe level. All classes are $50/each or 10 classes for $400. REGISTER HERE

Runner’s Strength Class – Tuesdays/Thursdays at 6pm

Improve the runner’s athletic foundation for safe and efficient running. Learn and practice correct movements (and why they are important to running specifically), while getting a great workout with a Prehab Running Specialist.

The class assists runners with building both strength and endurance of their muscles through the use of functional movements. Movement quality will be a focus in every class so be prepared to receive feedback on your exercises. These goals can help provide resilience and injury prevention while also allowing for improved performance due to an increased athletic foundation. 

Power Class – (Coming Spring 2024!)

In this class we will be focusing on plyometric and explosive movements. This is important for runners to work on so they can take advantage of their elastic energy from their tendons and not just their muscles. Improving efficiency with elastic energy plays a major role in the propulsive phase. This allows runners to use less energy while getting faster!

  • Improve power generation (plyometrics)
  • Increase explosiveness 
  • Build endurance & increase speed

Runner Agility Class – (Coming Spring 2024!)

In this class we will be working on exercises targeted on improving footwork, form, coordination and single leg stability. These targets will help runners become more efficient and aerodynamic while running. This is a great class for both distance and sprinters. 

This class seeks to

  • Improve single leg stability
  • Learn how to transfer strength from muscle to tendon (free energy)
  • Improve dynamic balance

Track Practice with BioKnights – Mondays/Wednesdays at 7am

This class is taught by Jelani Knight (a 1500M JA Trials Qualifier -4min24sec). He guides you through a strength training and track combo.

About Prehab:

We are a private clinic helping athletes smash goals safely, utilizing a medical approach! We work directly with runners, athletes and coaches – for all performance levels from beginner to professional. Prehab NYC is your elite medical team that you can rely on to prevent injury and push your body to the safest maximum! If injured, we help you get back to running or your preferred sport- in record speed by using precision lasers and other premium technology. Why rehab when you can Prehab?®