What People Say About Prehab


Thank you Prehab team for getting me back on my feet. I had a debilitating back pain that I thought could never be fixed. At Prehab they showed me the way. From easing me into the treatment to transitioning to advanced activities it gave me reassurance  I was going to move freely again. They treated may pain, got me stronger, and even taught me yoga, and pilates and now I feel I’m myself again. I’m back to enjoying walking, running, exercising and taking classes I love. I should have known I can “Prehab” and would have avoided months of limitation to my happy life. What a team. Thank you.

 – Maxine Rahbari, February 2015.


The staff and therapists at Prehab USA are professional, compassionate, friendly, punctual, and helpful. I am a fifty-year-old woman who has always been extremely athletic and outdoorsy, and blessed to be without injury through most of my life.  Two years ago I found myself with four herniated discs in my neck due to an accident and I was terrified and in pain, Thanks for putting me on the path to recovery and helping me keep faith that I would get here. I thought I would never run again, and am proud to say I can now run 6 miles again without pain.

 – Linda Ryder, November 2016


From the initial conversation with the therapist to the entire recovery process, I learned the most effective strategies for a quick return to my game.

 – Jeff B, Upper East Side, October 2017

 –  Laura

 –  Shayna

 –  Coach Kai

 –  Emilyn

 –  Kyle