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3 Ways to Stop Ankle Pain

What Can You Do Now?

Starting today you do not have to live with the pain with no hope in sight. Below are 3 simple steps to move you towards a pain-free and happier you!

With over a decade of experience treating the lower extremity and advising patients on injury prevention, we have put together some of the techniques we recommend patients to help recovering from ankle injury or pain and take solid steps towards prevention of further related injury. Take the time every day to try out at least one of these strategies. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much better you may feel.

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  1. Self-Foot Massage

Two great options for a self-massage.
Get a lacrosse ball and roll your foot around on top of it. Lacrosse balls are firm rubber, so it allows you to put some good pressure through it to give a good massage.
Freeze a water bottle and roll your foot back and forth on it.
Use one or both of these ideas as needed based on the pain level in your foot. It is especially good to do if you have been wearing sandals all day and making your feet work harder.

2. Balance and Agility Exercises

Our feet have a great responsibility of supporting our body – is no wonder so many people suffer from constant foot & ankle pain. By improving balance and agility, we not only reduce the chance of injury such as an ankle sprain or fracture, but also allow the body to function in a more efficient manner. Something also to remember is that as we get older, our balance naturally deteriorates thus making a fall more likely to occur. This can have devastating consequences, particularly in the older population.

3. Consider Seeing a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are trained to evaluate and posture, movement patterns, joint restrictions, and soft tissue restrictions that are causing and/or contributing to your pain. We are skilled to treat the areas through different manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises to allow you to return to your prior level of function, pain free, without pain medication.

Give these tips a try! We are excited to hear from you on your results. But there are more steps you can take for free. Just download our report below.

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