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3 Ways to Boost Your Immunity with Physical Activity!

Now more than ever we need ways to stay healthy and strong during our current global situation. Knowledge is power, so the more you know the better you are to be equipped for boosting your bodies defenses.

Preemptive physical activity has been shown to flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. Here is a great way to Prehab yourself now to give your body the boost it needs to combat whatever it may endure.

1). WALKING. The benefits of a brisk thirty minute walk will increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance.

2). LIGHT RUNNING. Light running actually boosts our bodies natural immune system by circulating the bodies protective cells faster. A light mile run at a conversational pace will do the body good.

3) HIKING. Not only does hiking have the same benefits as the above mentioned exercises, but hiking also forces you outdoors, breathing fresh air, while boosting serotonin. When you mentally feel good, you physically feel good. It will give you a moment in nature away from the news, social media, and all the other outlets that can send your anxiety levels soaring.

Your mental health can directly affect your immune system, so finding ways to release stress will go far in helping your body fight off virus and disease.

At Prehab, we are here to help you find ways to boost your defenses. Call us and set up an appointment for a discovery visit and let us get you to your healthiest self.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy!


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