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Let it Rain – But Only with the Right Gear (#6)

Top Gifts for Runners – According to the Experts

There is no such thing as bad running weather, only bad running gear (I think that was what Ranulph Finennes meant to say). One of the most difficult conditions for running is in pouring rain, although it can be fun and adventurous if you are prepared. Your friend or loved one will be forever grateful for a gift to make running in the rain a drier experience. Our sixth gift recommendation (out of nine) for runners is rain gear.

Most running clothing and shoe manufacturers have a line of gear designed for running in wet conditions, making gift options limitless. However, the best investment for wet weather running are waterproof shoes. Wet clothing can be somewhat tolerable, but once your shoes are soaked, they get heavy. Besides being heavy, wet shoes mean wet feet, making them prone to blisters and other problems.

The gift of waterproof running shoes is perfect for a runner who doesn’t want the weatherman to prevent them from getting their workout in. In addition to helping keep your feet dry, shoes designed for the rain are usually designed to prevent slipping and have better traction. Trail running waterproof shoes are great for running on the roads when they are wet because they have extra grip. It’s like kicking into 4-wheel drive for runners.

To go with the waterproof shoes, all runners need clothing designed for the rain. Having the right clothing can make the experience more enjoyable. David J. Perrotto, PT, DPT, RYT from Prehab recommends a jacket/poncho that a runner can carry on them if there is a possibility of wet weather. For times when the rain is already coming down, moisture-wicking fabric is a must-have.

Dr. Perrotto also suggests runners have a good hat in wet weather. He explains, “…water can inhibit a runner’s visual system and be a constant annoyance for achieving a consistent, comfortable stride.” Lightly tinted sunglasses worn with a hat can help protect the eyes from heavy rainfall.

Waterproof shoes will set you back about $100-$180. Light-tinted sunglasses range between $50-$150. Price ranges for moisture-wicking clothing and waterproof gear can be as inexpensive as $20 up to hundreds of dollars for top-of-the-line waterproof fabrics.

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