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Runner’s Gift Basket (#5)

Top 9 Gifts for Runners – According to the Experts

Gift baskets are a way to turn a collection of practical gifts into something everyone wants— well as long as you keep out the tasteless crackers. Throw in fake moss or confetti and a cool basket, and suddenly items like running socks and Epsom salt turn into the “cool gift.” Our fifth gift recommendation (out of seven) is a gift basket for runners with items to assist in training and/or recovery.

The great thing about putting together a runner’s gift basket is you can make it work with any budget. It can also make a middle range gift (something that costs between $30-$50) look more substantial by pairing it with a handful of small items. Of course, if you have lots of money to spend, there are enough technical gadgets out there to put together a gift that is unforgettable.

No matter what your budget is, our Prehab experts have a few suggestions for unique items that are perfect to include in a gift bundle. Some items we suggest are more obvious, like exercise bands. Other items are more unique; some runners don’t even know they need them. For instance, Dr. Lily Seynaeve, PT, DPT, CRGA from Prehab suggests adding toe spacers to a gift basket. They cost about $20. According to Dr. Seynaeve, “Modern footwear choices (even some running shoes) often have too narrow of a toe-box. It is nice to give the feet a little “breather” with the toe spacer by stretching the deep interossei and lumbrical muscles.” She goes on to explain, “They also place the intrinsic foot muscles at a more optimal length-tension relationship. This helps create a more stable base for the body.”

David J. Perroto, PT, DPT, RYT from Prehab thinks a gift basket should include a watch that tracks performance, sleep, physical activity strain, and recovery. He also suggests topical creams used for recovery like CBD/tiger balms, compression socks to reduce swelling, or nutritional supplements to replace vitamins and minerals lost in training.

Other ideas for training and recovery that make great items for a runner’s basket include:

  • A jump rope – $6+
  • Blister Prevention products like blister bandages or blister balm – $8
  • A hat for running – $10-$20
  • Running socks – $10+
  • Running smart watch – $100+
  • Topical creams for recovery – $10+
  • Epsom salt – $5+
  • Water bottle – $10+
  • Vibrating sphere (think vibrating tennis ball) for post recovery massage – $60
  • Ice packs – $15+
  • Electrolyte packets – $10+
  • Running clothes (shirts, shorts, warm-up pants) – $20+
  • Metronome for improving leg turnover – $20+
  • Compression socks – $20
  • Toe spacers – $20
  • Exercise bands – $4+

If you live in San Diego or New York, you can make a runner’s gift basket extra special by adding a gift card for a Prehab Signature GaitScrip™ treadmill analysis. The gift of injury-free running—Priceless.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve given our top gift ideas for runners. If you missed them, they are posted on our blog. If you want to be sure you don’t miss any others, don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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