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The Gift of Pain Relief (#1)

Top 9 Gifts For Runners – According to the Experts

With the holidays approaching, it’s time to think about what gifts to get for our friends and family. If you are looking for a gift for a runner, our experts at Prehab have a few ideas. Over the next seven weeks, we will give gift recommendations for our favorite products for runners. Don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter so you won’t miss out on our series. Or check out the other top gifts on our blog.

Our first gift recommendation for runners of all abilities is a percussion massager, also known as a massage gun, percussive therapy, or vibration therapy. It looks like a cross between a sander and a power drill, but rather than big job ahead of you when using those power tools, this one is meant to take you away from work and into deep relaxation.

The electric power tool delivers a massage to the user, allowing for control over the amount of pressure and location needed, which makes it popular for runners. They usually come with a variety of attachments, some to deliver a softer pressure and some meant to mimic a finger for a more intense deep tissue massage.

Percussion massagers are used, “…to provide muscle treatment depth at a variety of frequencies from 20 to 40 percussions per second depending on the device,” according to Alex Gometz, PT, DPT, CIC. “The device is known to assist with endorphin release, assisting with pain relief, and improved range of motion. The secondary effect leads to improved circulation and therefore may accelerate recovery.”

Studies have shown them to be as good as massage for facilitating recovery and preventing muscles soreness. Jack Martin from the Department of Health and Wellbeing found, “The use of handheld percussive massage devices directly after exercise reduces delayed onset muscle soreness.” Any tool to speed up recovery is a winning gift for runners of all abilities.

Percussion massager manufacturers have also come up with vibration technology in other types of devices that also make great gifts for runners like a vibrating sphere (think vibrating tennis ball) and vibrating foam rollers, all great gifts for athletes who want affordable recovery tools.

Top brand massage guns usually cost around $300-$400, although there are a few cheaper models. Vibrating spheres range in price from $40-$150, and vibrating foam rollers from $100-$150.

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